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Joseph W. Depalma, PH.D. / Technology Specialist

PhD Physical Chemistry, University of Delaware
MS Chemistry, Sacred Heart University
BS Chemistry, Cum Laude, Sacred Heart Univeristy
BS Mathematics, Magna Cum Laude, Sacred Heart University

Joseph W. DePalma joined Clark+Elbing in 2017. His work involves patent prosecution, primarily in the fields of chemistry.

Joseph’s doctoral research focused on developing a molecular-level understanding of the fundamental chemistry and physics driving the formation of atmospheric aerosol particles and their impact on Earth’s climate. As a physical chemist, Joseph tackled this problem with a combination of quantum chemical theory and the use of a home-built mass spectrometer which could isolate a single nanoparticle and ionize it with a laser-induced plasma. Joseph investigated the structure and composition of molecular clusters and aerosol particles both in the laboratory and out in the field on measurement campaigns in diverse environments, further solidifying the role of local/regional climate in the formation mechanism and chemical complexity of aerosol particles.

Joseph’s postdoctoral research built on his previous experience and focused on the infrared spectroscopic investigation of atmospherically relevant molecular clusters using a custom built hybrid instrument which acquired IR spectra of cryogenically cooled single ions in the gas phase. He investigated how seed ions relevant to aerosol formation pick up water and the spectroscopic signatures of their dissolution into liquid droplets. Part of this work was in developing a new MS/IR platform in with both better resolution and a smaller physical footprint with the aim towards commercialization.

Joseph has authored or co-authored numerous peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals, including the Journal of the American Chemical Society, the Journal of Physical Chemistry, the Journal of Chemical Physics and Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics.

Select Awards & Honors
NSF Centers for Chemical Innovation Postdoctoral Fellowship at Yale University
Wallace Carothers Graduate Fellowship at the University of Delaware
American Chemical Society Connecticut Section Silver Medal of Excellence
Member: Pi Mu Epsilonz